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The Political Aims of Jesus

The Political Aims of JesusThe Political Aims of Jesus
Amid competing portrayals of the "cynic Jesus," the "peasant Jesus," and the "apocalyptic Jesus," the "political Jesus" remains a marginal figure. Douglas E. Oakman argues that advances in our social-scientific understanding of the political economy of Roman Galilee, as well as advances in the so-called "Third Quest" for the historical Jesus, warrant a revival—and a critical revision—of H. S. Reimarus's understanding of Jesus as an instigator of revolutionary change.
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800638474
  • Pages 200
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Publication Date Aug 1, 2012


"Douglas Oakman is a demonstrated leader in the analysis of the economics, politics, and social conflicts of first-century Palestine. In this new work he pushes his political analysis even further, providing us with not only a fresh take on Jesus, but a fundamentally important one if one is to take seriously that Jesus was speaking (and acting) in ways that addressed the deepest concerns of his fellow Galileans and Judeans."
—K. C. Hanson
co-author of Palestine in the Time of Jesus

"Jesus the tax resister? An advocate of debt release—who allowed debtors to seize goods for subsistence? A Broker of Divine healing and restoration of honor for the marginales? Oakman challenges to the core the conveniently apolitical Jesus so tirelessly constructed and defended by Western interpreters."
Richard Rohrbaugh
Lewis and Clark College


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