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Martin Luther's Theology: Its Historical and Systematic Development

Martin Luther's Theology: Its Historical and Systematic DevelopmentMartin Luther's Theology: Its Historical and Systematic Development
This definitive analysis of the theology of Martin Luther surveys its development during the crises of Luther's life, then offers a systematic survey by topics. Containing a wealth of quotations from less-known writings by Luther and written in a way that will interest both scholar and novice, Lohse's magisterial volume is the first to evaluate Luther's theology in both ways. Lohse's historical analysis takes up Luther's early exegetical works and then his debates with traditions important to him in the context of the various controversies leading up to his dispute with the Antinomians. The systematic treatment shows how the meaning of ancient Christian doctrines took their place within the central teaching of justification by faith.
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"Lohse was without doubt the leading Luther scholar. He was better able to deal with both the historical and the systematic better than anyone I know."
— Mark U. Edwards Jr., St. Olaf College

Table of Contents

    Translator-Editor's Note

    Part One: Introduction: Preliminary Considerations and Presuppositions Relative to a Description of Luther's Theology

  1. Criteria for Describing Luther's Theology
  2. The Situation in the Church around 1500
  3. The Theological Situation around 1500, Especially in Erfurt and Wittenberg
  4. Luther's Personal Development
  5. The Uniqueness of Luther's Theology

    Part Two: Luther's Theology in Its Historical Development

  6. Basic Theological Ideas in Luther's Marginal Notes on Augustine and Peter Lombard (1509/1510)
  7. Early Reformation Theology in the First Psalms Lecture (1513-1515)
  8. The Structure of Reformation Theology in the Period of Pauline Exegesis (1515-1518)
  9. The Reformation Discovery
  10. Luther's Attack on Indulgences (1517/1518)
  11. Luther's Dispute with Cajetan over Justification, Faith, and Church Authority
  12. Luther's Debate with Eck on the Authority of Pope and Council (1519)
  13. Luther's Dispute with the Sacramental Teaching of His Time (1519/1520)
  14. Luther's Dispute with the Monastic Ideal (520/1521)
  15. Luther's Dispute with the Wittenberg Reformers
  16. Luther's Dispute with Radical Tendencies to "Right" and "Left": The Distinction between the Two Kingdoms and the Two Governments
  17. Luther's Dispute with Erasmus
  18. Luther's Dispute with Zwingli: The Lord's Supper Controversy
  19. Luther's Dispute with the Antinomians

    Part Three: Luther's Theology in Its Systematic Context

  20. Sola scriptura
  21. Reason and Faith
  22. The View of God
  23. Christology
  24. Spiritus Creator
  25. Humanity as Creature of God
  26. Sin
  27. Justification
  28. Law and Gospel
  29. The Church
  30. Office and Ordination
  31. Baptism
  32. The Lord's Supper
  33. The Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms
  34. Eschatology
  35. Excursus: Luther's Attitude toward the Jews

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    Index of Subjects

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