Spark Lectionary / Spring 2015 / Grades 1-2 / Learner Leaflets


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This item is part of Spark: Activate Faith

Year: B
Brand: Spark: Activate Faith
Format: Pamphlet
Model: Lectionary
ISBN: 9781451402377
Age Level: Grades 1-2
Release Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This item is part of Spark Sunday School
Leaflets help learners explore Bible story themes in class and on their own with creative activities, interesting facts, and stories. There’s a leaflet for each lesson in the curriculum.
  • Fun, thoughtful activities help kids see how the story relates to the world around them
  • Active learning includes hands-on activities, interactive games, and creative crafts
  • Includes facts and stories about history, and modern-day issues that relate to Bible stories
Spark Lectionary Spring Year B covers stories from the gospels and Acts for Lent and Easter, in 15 weeks.
Spark Lectionary Spring is part of a three-year curriculum for kids age 2 to grade 6. Resources include everything from Leader Guides to lesson prep videos. 

Spark Lectionary resources are non-returnable.