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Leading Lessons: Insights on Leadership from Women of the Bible

Leading Lessons: Insights on Leadership from Women of the BibleLeading Lessons: Insights on Leadership from Women of the Bible

Asequel to Porter's first book, Leading Ladies, which explored how the Bible supports women in leadership, this volume delves deeper, providing insights into growing into leadership, leading through adversity, challenging the status quo, and seeing leadership potential in unexpected people.

Nine scripturally based studies examine lessons of leadership from specific women of the Bible. From Eve, we discover how to unlock our leadership potential; from Esther, we learn about leadership formation from within. Each chapter includes a summary page of empowerment principles, as well as a series of questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

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  • Publication Date Mar 22, 2005


"As one of this generation's new and exciting scholars, Dr. Porter has carefully and thoughtfully researched one of the most critical subjects of our day—women in leadership."
— Dr. Carolyn D. Showell, Harvard University—The Divinity School, Summer Leadership Institute 2000

"Dr. Porter affirms the collaborative nature of female leadership and encourages readers to let these biblical images transform their attitudes about leadership."
Presbyterians Today

"COMPELLING STORIES OF BIBLICAL WOMEN. From Eve to Everywoman, Leading Lessons offers practical life lessons of leadership. In this wonderful companion book to Leading Ladies, Dr. Porter calls women to lead from a place of wholeness, reflecting the divine image within us. Women at every stage of leadership development will find this a rich treasure."
— Sister Linda Haydock, SNJM, Executive Director, Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center

"AN EXCITING FRESHNESS. Leading Lessons cuts through the excuses and calls women to confront a mirror of truth. Discovery and recovery lurk in the paragraphs to bring rue liberty to God's people."
— Dr. Cynthia James, Ph.D., D. Min., Executive Director, Church of God Association of N. Calif., N. Nevada & Hawaii; Presider, United Covenant Fellowship

"AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR BOTH NEW AND SEASONED LEADERS. Through Scripture, stories of women worldwide, and her own story, both in the church and in the corporate world, Dr. Porter challenges us to boldly name and claim our gifts and struggles. Her Scripture study is sound, her stories poignant, and her questions stimulating."
— The Rev. Dr. Connie Kleingartner, Logos Chair of Evangelism and Church Ministries and Director of Field Education, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Table of Contents


Seeing Yourself as a Leader: Preparing for Your Insights on Leadership

Created to Lead: Insights from Eve on Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
(Study Text: Genesis 1:26-28)

There Is a Balm in Gilead:
Insights from the Daughters of Jerusalem on Being a Healthy Potential
(Study Text: Jeremiah 8:18-22)

From Waterpots to Worship:
Insights from the Woman of Samaria on Empowerment
(Study Text: John 4:5-42)

Putting Away the Idols: Insights from Rachel on Discovering Value Within
(Study Text: Genesis 29:1-35, 30:1-24, 31:1-21, 35:1-4)

Recovering the Queen Within:
Insights from Esther on Leadership Formation
(Study Text: Esther 2:1-18, 4:1-17, 5:1-3, 8:3-8)

Standing before Moses:
Insights from the Daughters of Zelophehad on Leading Change
(Study Text: Numbers 26:1-2, 28-34, 27:1-11, 36:1-13)

Paving the Way for Ministry:
Insights from Lydia on Pioneering Leadership
(Study Text: Acts 16:6-15, 40)

Working Together:
Insights from Priscilla and Aquila on Partnering in Leadership
(Study Text: Acts 18:1-3, 18-19, 24-28)