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Go Make Disciples: An Invitation to Baptismal Living

Go Make Disciples: An Invitation to Baptismal LivingGo Make Disciples: An Invitation to Baptismal Living
This highly-informative handbook is intended to help congregations implement the task of making disciples in their own community. Go Make Disciples provides updated resources for preparing adults for baptism or affirmation of baptism, and for Christian discipleship. Appropriate for a wide range of Protestant denominations, especially Lutheran, Episcopal, Anglican, United Methodist, Presbyterian, and Reformed traditions.

Materials intended for group use and distribution are available on the companion CD-ROM, which is sold separately.
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  • ISBN 9781451426120
  • Pages 208
  • Season/Occasion Baptism
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Release Date Apr 3, 2012

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“This ecumenical guide to the restored catechumenate is brimming with worship suggestions, personal stories, sample outlines for instructional sessions, hundreds of bullet points, even a glossary, for those churches that want, not merely to increase their membership, but to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Congregations considering the catechumenate as well as those already engaged in this way of making disciples will find much assistance in this accessible handbook.”

Gail Ramshaw
Lutheran Theologian
LaSalle University

“… offers a map and a trail guide for taking the Jesus road, beginning with hearing the stories and telling the tales of that journey. This is a guide for leaders and congregations who want to help themselves and others learn to walk in company, how to climb the hills and keep going in the dark, and above all, how to make this the journey of your life, toward the Reign of God.”
Katharine Jefferts Schori

Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

“You’ll find within these pages rich insights, reasoned wisdom, and a paradigm-shifting view of the possibility of the church’s tomorrow. Sink your teeth in; it will be worth every effort.”

Andrew Root
Presbyterian Theologian
Luther Seminary

“Recovering Christian initiation as a part of a congregation’s mission always brings new life into the congregation. Now those congregations that want to recover this exciting part of mission have a handbook to help them begin!”

Tim Whitaker,
Florida Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church

Table of Contents



Welcome to Making Disciples!
Using This Handbook
The Shift from Membership to Discipleship
Shifting to Discipleship: Stories from the Field
Understanding the Process for Making Disciples
A Ministry of Welcome
An Overview of the Disciple Making Process
An Overview of Rites of Discipleship
What Is Offered to People Who Are Already Baptized?
Baptized People Are Invited to Discipleship
Non-member Parents Requesting Baptism for Their Children
Getting Started

Why Be Involved in Making Disciples?
Why Should the Congregation Care about Making Disciples?
Is the Congregation Ready to Do This?
Evangelization and Making Disciples
Encouraging Relational Evangelism
Starting a Disciple Making Team
The Pastor’s Role in the Disciple Making Process
Recruiting and Training Team Members
Leadership Skills
Scheduling the Disciple Making Process
Launch Guide for Making Disciples
Fifty Ways to Involve the Congregation in Making Disciples


Snapshot of Inquiry
Actions of the Inquiry Stage
Gathering Inquirers
Suggested Outline of an Initial Inquiry Session
Identifying Sponsors
Suggested Outline of Subsequent Inquiry Sessions
Preparation for the Rite of Welcome


Snapshot of Exploration
Reflection on the Rite of Welcome
Actions of the Exploration Stage
Suggested Outline of Weekly Exploration Sessions
Topics for Groups in the Exploration Stage
Intercessory Prayer for Disciple Making Groups
Discernment for Baptism
Preparation and Rehearsal for the Rite of Enrollment

Intense Preparation

Snapshot of Intense Preparation
Reflection on the Rite of Enrollment
Intense Preparation
Baptismal Preparation
Ideas for Lent and the Three Days
Suggested Outline of Weekly Sessions during the Stage of Intense 

Additional Suggestions for Sessions during the Stage of Intense 

Retreat for Candidates and Sponsors
Water Life: A Bible Study on Baptism and Water Images
Preparation for Baptism and Affirmation of Baptism

Baptismal Living

Snapshot of Baptismal Living
Reflection on Baptism or the Affirmation of Baptism
Baptismal Living Sessions
Ideas for the Easter Season
Mystagogical Reflection
Ministry in Daily Life
Exercises in Identifying Ministries in Daily Life
Preparation for the Rite of Affirmation of Vocation
Beyond Baptism and Affirmation of Baptism

Additional Resources

Scripture Reflection Methods
African Bible Study or 
Visualizing the Text
Martin Luther’s Four-Stranded Garland
Supplemental Models for Disciple Making Sessions
Small Group Blessings and Prayers
Prayers before Reading the Scriptures
Prayers and Thanksgivings after Reading and Praying the Scriptures
Prayers and Blessings to Conclude a Session
Additional Prayers and Blessings
Rehearsing the Rites
A Word to Preachers
Preaching to Catechumens
Sampling the Ecumenical Rites
Denominational Rites for Making Disciples
Constructing a Temporary Font
Praying for Those Preparing for Baptism and the Newly Baptized
Making Disciples in Intercultural Settings
Adapting the Process of Making Disciples to Your Congregation
Cata-What? A Brief History of the Catechumenate
Forming Christians, Transforming Congregations
Dates for Easter and Related Days
Contents of Companion CD-ROM