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Unfailing Light, An Evening Setting of Holy Communion: Accompaniment Edition

Unfailing Light, An Evening Setting of Holy Communion: Accompaniment EditionUnfailing Light, An Evening Setting of Holy Communion: Accompaniment Edition
Unfailing Light provides a simple, engaging, faithful setting for communities who wish to offer an alternative Holy Communion service in the evening. This lovely and peaceful setting features the wonderfully singable tunes of Marty Haugen. Pastor Susan Briehl provides new texts and prayers based on images found in the journey to Emmaus story, complementing classic liturgical texts. Unfailing Light includes an opening dialog, an evening hymn of praise, gospel acclamations, a song at the gathering of gifts, the Great Thanksgiving with acclamations, Lamb of God, and two options for a post-communion hymn. The Appendixes contain other options for the setting, including a Brief Order of Confession and Forgiveness. Unfailing Light was commissioned by Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Texas at Austin.
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  • ISBN 9781579993283
  • Publisher GIA Publications
  • Season/Occasion Communion; Evening
  • Publication Date Nov 8, 2004


Unfailing Light: An evening setting of Holy Communion

At the close of the day, the Spirit calls us out of time marked by daylight and darkness, measured by clocks and calendars, and gathers us into time welling up from the past, widening toward the future, and welcoming eternity. This setting draws upon scripture that evokes eventide, especially in the gathering and sending — our transitions from one kind of time to another.

In every time and place, when the Spirit gathers us around the word and sacrament, Christ crucified and risen comes among us. Our hearts burn as Jesus opens the word and we recognize him in the breaking of the bread. By faith we receive forgiveness, life, and salvation as Christ comes to us in his holy supper. After the meal, God blesses us and sends us, nourished, strengthened, and refreshed, back to our clocks and calendars. We go, trusting God to abide with us as darkness deepens and to raise us in the morning as Christ's body — blest, broken, and given for the life of the world.

— from the Introduction