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  • Frolic Preschool Bible

    Frolic Preschool Bible

    A great follow up to the Frolic First Bible, perfect for emerging readers.


  • Happy Birthday, Ava!

    Happy Birthday, Ava!

    Ava's friends keep coming up with things to do to celebrate her birthday. When Ava gets frustrated, the friends realize they need to think about what Ava likes, too.


  • Clap, Sing, Dance!

    Clap, Sing, Dance!

    God made our bodies to do many things. Clap, Sing, Dance! is a toddler action book that helps kids learn ways to show joy and praise with their bodies.


  • Hal and the Very Long Race

    Hal and the Very Long Race

    It's the day of the big race and Hal wants to win. After a frustrating start, Hal learns to celebrate how we all grow at our own pace.


  • I Can Help

    I Can Help

    The Frolic friends are big helpers! Rufus, Ava, Jo, Uri, and Hal discover different ways they can show love and care for others by helping.


  • For the Beauty of the Earth

    For the Beauty of the Earth

    The poetry of this classic hymn combine with beautiful illustrations to create a picture book that children and adults alike will cherish. Includes the written music and lyrics.


  • The Life of Martin Luther: A Pop-Up Book

    The Life of Martin Luther: A Pop-Up Book

    From Luther's decision to become a monk to his 95 theses, history jumps off the page through the vibrant illustrations of renowned paper artist Agostino Traini.


  • The Birth of Jesus: A Christmas Pop-Up Book

    The Birth of Jesus: A Christmas Pop-Up Book

    The Christmas story told through incredible artwork and intricate pop-ups from world-renowned illustrator and paper engineer Agostino Traini. The perfect keepsake for young children or the young at heart.


  • God Made Feelings

    God Made Feelings

    God made us with all sorts of emotions. Joy, boredom, shyness, anger, happiness: what do these feel like? How can we handle them?


  • Rufus Loses His Cape

    Rufus Loses His Cape

    Rufus can't find his cape. His friends have ideas for where to look, but he won't listen. Rufus learns to ask for help, so his friends can help him.